The Photography Awards | Meet the Judges: Mark Lutz

Mark Lutz – Owner, Art House Reproductions

Most biographies start at the beginning and end up in the present – I’m going to work my way backwards, just to be a little different. I like to live in the now and look forward to the future, not dwelling on the past.

2019 sees me celebrating 18 years in business as Art House Reproductions,,  based at Bowen Hills in Brisbane. We are recognised for helping artists make more income from their art through reproductions, offering sales and marketing advice, seminars and our online store, We also provide high end fine art printing and finishing services to professional and amateur photographers with

Art House began in 2001 following nearly 3 decades working in the family studio of Lutz Photographics. My parents, Col and Lorraine, began the business in 1971 and I pushed them into retirement in 1996. Our main studio was at Mt Gravatt in Brisbane but for a few years we also had a studio and minilab in Southport on the Gold Coast.

Back in those days most studios did a bit of everything and while we specialized in weddings and portraits, there was plenty of commercial, aerial, christenings, funerals, headshots and more to keep us busy. We began printing our own colour prints in the mid 70’s and ran our own in-house lab until 1996 when I moved the Mt Gravatt studio to my home at Wellington Point.

In the 90’s, not sure of the exact years now, I spent around 6-7 years on the Qld Council of the AIPP, serving two years as State President. I was also a Certified Professional Photographer in the PPAQ. The CPP program was instigated by Col during his term as President of the PPAQ.

That’s about it – spent all my adult life and half my teens around photography, photographers, arty people, printing, marketing and sales. Seen many photographers come and go, the good, the bad and the ugly (you know who you are) and worked through the analog/digital transition – never want to touch a piece of film again!

This year I’ll be old enough to officially be classed as a Senior but I’m not ready to retire yet. I love what I do and I’ve got plenty left in the tank.