1. General

1.1.  This photography competition is conducted by Professional Photographers’ Association Queensland (ABN 49 209 457 130) (“the Promoter”).

1.2.  Information on how to enter and on prizes form part of the Terms and Conditions. Entry into this competition deems acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3.  To the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other reference to this competition, these Terms and Conditions prevail.

1.4.  This is a non-acquisitive photography competition governed by these Terms and Conditions. All instructions relating to the competition on this website also form part of the Terms and Conditions.

1.5.  The Promoter reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions planned. The Promoter may also cancel or suspend this competition if an event beyond the control of the Promoter corrupts or affect the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this competition. The Promoter will disqualify any individual who has tampered with the entry process or any other aspect of this competition.

2. Eligibility

2.1 To be eligible to enter the PPAQ’s Photographic Awards (the Awards), a person must:

(a) be an Australian resident from Queensland and if requested, be able to provide evidence of such residency;

(b) not be a member of the Professional Photographers’ Association Queensland at the time of entry; and

(c) fully and legibly complete all details on the official entry form.

2.2 All images must:

(a) have been taken within Queensland;

(b) have been taken after 1 January 2018;

(c) be submitted in JPG format. Entrants may submit colour or black and white images;

(d) have a dimension of 2500 pixels along the long edge of the image, not exceed 4mb; and

(e) be the original work of the entrant. No third party may enter on behalf of another individual unless a parent entering on behalf of a minor.

2.3 Entrants:

(a) must include a brief artist statement of up to 30 words to describe the submitted image; and

(b) are permitted to use post processing (e.g. Instagram filters, Photoshop and similar software) on images. Any post-production and editing must be the work of the entrant. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify an image if they feel it lacks authenticity due to over-manipulation.

2.4 The entrant should have the written, signed and dated permission of any people appearing in the image submitted. Photographer must have permission if there is a clear focus subject, here is a link to the ArtsLaw Street Photography webpage if you need more information.  https://www.artslaw.com.au/info-sheets/info-sheet/street-photographers-rights

3. Categories

3.1 The Categories

(a) There are two categories for the Awards:

    (i) the Open category;

(ii) the Student category; 

(b) Entrants must specify on their entry form which category they are entering.

3.2 Additional criteria for the Student category

The Student category is only open to students under the age of 17 who are living and residing in Queensland. Parent/s or guardian/s will enter on behalf of the student. The consenting guardian is then bound by these Terms and Conditions.

4. How to enter

4.1  Entries will be accepted from 15th November 2018 to 31st March 2019. No entries will be accepted after 11:59pm, 31st March 2019.

4.2  Entrants must choose the appropriate category for their image. The entrant may enter as many images as they like into the competition.

4.3 Each entry will attract a separate fee.

4.4  Each entry must comply with these Terms and Conditions, including the Submission Guidelines specified below.

4.5  Entries must be submitted separately and each entry must individually meet the Technical Specifications as follows:

4.5.1.  Saved as a High Resolution JPEG or JPG (10 – 12)

4.5.2.  2500px on the longest side

4.5.3.  Both Adobe RGB (1998) and SRGB accepted

4.5.4.  Must not exceed 4mb

4.6  An entry fee of $25AUD (GST inclusive) must be paid for each entry submitted (each image uploaded)in the Open Category and $10AUD for each entry submitted in the Student Category. All entry fees and prize monies are to be paid via Square online payments. Any applicable currency conversions will be in accordance with Square’s policies and the Promoter accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be incurred as a result of currency conversions.

5. Submission guidelines

5.1  Each entry must be an original photograph produced entirely by the entrant. It must not contain any trade marks or copyright material owned whole or in part by a third party or violate any persons’ rights of privacy.

5.2  No retouching or post production can be derived from a third party.

5.3.  All details provided by the entrant must be true and accurate.

5.4  Where there is an identifiable person in an image submitted, the entrant is responsible for obtaining a signed Model Release to provide to the Promoter if requested. (A Model Release means a release signed by or on behalf of any person identifiable in the image)

5.5  The image must not contain any identifiable information of the entrant. Images submitted with watermarks or branding on them will not be considered for judging.

5.6  The image must not contain any material or content that is infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, profane or otherwise objectionable.

5.7  The image must not plagiarise the work of any other person.

5.8 The image must not contain any material that could constitute or encourage conduct which would be considered a criminal offence.

5.9  You must not upload or send any content which might disturb or damage the Promoter’s website or reputation.

5.10  Entries that are found to breach these Terms and Conditions, will be considered invalid and, if awarded a prize, that prize must be returned to the Promoter. The winners may be required to sign a statutory declaration regarding the originality of the entry. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Promoter reserves the right to take legal action against anyone found to have breached this term. The Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who the Promoter has reason to believe has breached any of these conditions, or engaged in any unlawful or other improper misconduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the promotion. The Promoter’s legal rights to recover damages or other compensation are reserved.

6. Judging

6.1 All entries will be judged by a panel made up of industry professionals and Council representatives. Council reserves the right to make the final decision regarding all winners and allocation of prizes.

6.2 Every approved entry will be considered for judging.

6.3 The 20 highest scoring images from each category will move forward to the Finalist round and will receive feedback from our panel of judges.

6.4 Finalists will be notified on 15th March 2019.

6.5 Finalists will be asked to provide a high-resolution image for printing for the next round of judging. These prints, provided by the Promoter, will be made available for collection after the Print Exhibition. 

6.6  If any of the shortlisted images are found to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions, they will be immediately eliminated.

6.7  The judges’ decision in relation to any aspect of the competition is final and binding on each person who enters. Chance plays no part in determining any winner. No correspondence will be entered into. No responsibility is accepted for late, lost or misdirected entries. Prizes are subject to availability, not transferable or exchangeable and, with the exception of cash prizes, cannot be taken as cash. Prizes will be sent to the winner’s nominated address as stated in their original entry. The Promoter and their associated agencies, and companies associated with this promotion will take no responsibility for prizes damaged or lost in transit.

7. Announcement of Winners

1st, & 2nd place will be announced at the PPAQ “My Queensland” print Exhibition held on the 27th and 28th of April, 2019.

8. Prizes

1st prize Open Category: $1000 Cash and a $500 print voucher with Brilliant Prints – The Canvas People.

2nd prize Open Category: Canon Printer (MG3670)

1st prize Student Category:Canon 70D + 18-200mm Lens

2nd prize Student Category: Canon Printer (MG3670)

9. Rights

9.1   All copyright remains with the photographer / entrant.

9.2  The Promoter asserts no claims to the rights of any image entered into the competition except as expressed in these terms and conditions.

9.3  If The Promoter uses any images through website or social media channels the photographer / entrant will be credited. Entrants consent to the use of their images in this way.

9.4  By entering the awards, entrants grant the Promoter a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free license to use credited images through the Promoter’s website and social media channels and to use entrants’ images and names either on-line or in print media to promote the awards at any time in the future.

9.5  It is the entrant’s responsibility to protect their work from third parties by entering (but not limited to) metadata into the image. The Promoter will not be liable for any misuse of images.

9.6  Each entrant acknowledges that the Promoter is under no obligation to use their entry.

9.7 Any use of the image in accordance with these terms and conditions will be at the discretion of the Promoter.

9.8  If there is any point where the competition needs to be postponed entry fees will not be refunded. When the Promoter recommences the competition all previous entries will be automatically included.

9.9  If there is a point when the Promoter must cancel the competition all entry fees will be refunded.