PPAQ Photography Awards | Meet the Judges: Colin Bushell

Trying to pigeonhole Colin is a tough business: photographer, journalist,
educator, writer, broadcaster, business consultant and purveyor of 1970s
progressive rock music (not everything is explainable!).

His first camera, purchased in 1982, was an Olympus OM2, as he explained, “I was a fan of David Bailey, and he used an OM2, so it really was the only choice for me!”

When his day job was as a consumer law enforcement officer in London, he was moonlighting as a music journalist, and rubbing shoulders with the who’s-who of 80s rock music. His greatest interviewee? David Bowie.
Arriving in Australia in 1998, Colin and his wife, Nikki have lived in every corner of the country, and been across the Nullabor three times, in search of new adventures. In 2005, Colin won the WA State lexapronorx.com/ Literature Mentorship Award for his novel, Lost Dogs.

Colin spends an average of two months a year traveling the world, but since 2005, has been based in Brisbane, where he owns and runs Bigger Boat Creative Solutions and Colin Bushell Photography, offering creative business solutions, content writing and personalised photography for individuals and businesses. In 2015, he won The Lord Mayor’s Photographic Award, for his photo, ‘Junkyard Revelation’. He has been a regular contributor to publications such as, Brisbane News, Indulge and West End Magazine and has been a guest presenter on the ABC.

Colin runs creative photography workshops, and is co-owner of Curious Engine Photography Experience, offering customised photography tours to locals and travellers alike.

He is currently Vice President of The Professional Photographers’ Association of Queensland.