In the Studio with….Fotojenic Photography

Last night saw us visiting Lake Moogerah with Mark Culley, CPP of Fotojenic Photography.

Mark has been in the Photography Industry for over 30 years. He shared his knowledge and experience with our CPPs that has kept him in a profitable business throughout that time. While he has photographed over 600 weddings and countless portraits, Mark’s passion truly lies with his landscapes and astral work. These days, he takes his studio with him – and a decked out studio he has! (I’m quite certain you’d find a kitchen sink if you looked hard enough!)

Passionate about the technical aspects of photography and the profession in general, Mark now teaches people how to take generic xenical better photos, master the capabilities of their cameras and understand the world of photography through hands-on education while still maintaining his wedding, portrait and event photography.

The PPAQ’s “In the Studio with…” events are a platform for our members to share their experience within our community. Each CPP takes away something different from every event and that’s what makes them so valuable.

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