In the Studio with….Elite Studio

We recently had a wonderful opportunity to listen to Andrew Merefield, CPP  talk about his studio, the story behind the name and his plans for the future. Andrew also shared the various workshops that he runs, his printing business with Darren Jew and a host of other things. Andrew has a long history with the PPAQ and is the brains behind our current Developing Professional Photographers program. It’s a true pleasure to spend time with him and we are so grateful to be able to count him as one of our valued members.

The PPAQ’s “In the Studio with…” events are a platform for our members to share their experience within our community. Each CPP takes away something different from every event and that’s what makes them so valuable.

About the PPAQ

The PPAQ guarantees the highest standards in professional photography, ensuring exceptional imagery, business probity and client confidence. PPAQ members nurture relationships with fellow professionals, clients and community; actively promote the Association and build membership; and commit to continuous learning and improvement.

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