Members of the Professional Photographers Association Queensland are governed by the Constitution of the Association. The Clauses set out below indicate the general standard of conduct to which members should adhere in carrying out their professional duties.

1. Every member shall at all times present themselves, their photography and their photographic services, in such a manner as will uphold and dignify their professional status and the reputation of the Association.

2. Any information acquired by a member during the course of their professional duties regarding the confidential policy or processes of a client shall not be divulged by them to any other person, firm or company.

3. In whatever capacity a member may be engaged, they shall not bring the industry or the Association into disrepute.

4. In the event that a member discovers that there is a conflict of interest with another member, the issue should be raised with the other member in the first instance.

5. Any actions of a third party, engaged by a member, that brings the Association into disrepute shall be deemed to be the responsibility of the member.

6. Members shall recognise the authority of the Professional Photographers Association in all matters relating to the interpretation of this code of conduct.