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Vincent Swift

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Vincent Swift Photography, Brisbane, & Gold Coast


I have been a photographer for as long as I have been able to hold a camera – one of my earliest memories is of my father setting up a make shift studio in the lounge to take photos of me and my sister, then converting the kitchen into a dark room and printing till the early hours of the morning.
Photography is in my blood!  Dad’s lighting was basic but effective – what he did have was a passion for photography the same way I do now.
My Dad gave me a camera and one lens for my 13th birthday.  After I showed him my first roll of film, he gave me another 3 lenses and told me he thought I had a talent.  He said – now go prove it to the world.
The last 30 years of my working life has been consumed with the capturing of images. Commercially and for pleasure. My website is dedicated to both.
I have a wealth of experience in most types of photography, having worked in Europe, America, Asia, the South Pacific and Australia.
I spent a few years traveling the world working as a photographer on cruise ships, firstly in the Caribbean, and then in the South Pacific. I have captured postcards for the Gold coast and Vanuatu. Photographing weddings in Europe, the Caribbean, Jamaica, England, and Australia, my experience is vast and my motto is “If you can point a camera at it, I can photograph it”

I spent 8 years working for Canon Australia supporting professional photographers, professional photo retailers, and newspapers, I was sent to Japan in 2003 to learn about the new “Digital” photography. This experience has increased my technical knowledge to a level that allows me to train other photographers. I run teaching programs in 3 high schools and love to teach.

PPAQ is a prestigue professional association and I am proud to be a member.