In the Studio with…Clive Fox Photography

Recently, we were treated to an evening with Clive Fox, CPP of Clive Fox Photography in his brand new studio in Booval.

It was a magical evening of story-telling set to subtle hum and click of a slide projector.

Everyone who attended was mesmerised by this return to the foundations of our profession.

The PPAQ’s “In the Studio with…” events are a platform for our members to share their experience within our community. Each CPP takes away something different from every event and that’s what makes them so valuable.

About the PPAQ

The PPAQ guarantees the highest standards in professional photography, ensuring exceptional imagery, business probity and client confidence. PPAQ members nurture relationships with fellow professionals, clients and community; actively promote the Association and build membership; and commit to continuous learning and improvement.

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CPP Spotlight: Stampfli Photography

Meet Craig Stampfli of Stampfli Photography. Craig specialises in Commercial and Real Estate Photography and is located at The Gap.

He is also the Secretary of the PPAQ.

1- What influence can experienced and seasoned professional photographers have on a new generation who see photography as an instant reward and recognition medium?

Instant reward is fleeting, and not long lasting, if you are chasing recognition for your photography, be prepared for hard work. If you are looking at photography with the intent on success through recognition, then maybe you should consider a different career path.

2- Where do you draw your artistic inspiration?

From an overactive imagination and the amazing photos that I see every day.

3- What advice would you have given yourself in the first few years of your career?

Drink less coffee, buy less gadgets and travel more. I’m fortunate to have travelled quite a bit over the years, however there are still so many places I want to see and experience. And I’m joking about the coffee, you can never have too much coffee. Or T-shirts.

4- What do you see as one of the most important qualities or things to focus on to be a successful photographer?

Photography is just a small part of being a successful photographer, and often takes just a small amount of time out of my day. Solid business knowledge and the dedication to look at the whole and not just the button pushing is required.

5- In your opinion how is being a member in an Association like the PPAQ relevant in today’s business climate?

The camaraderie and support from photographers who have become close friends is invaluable. To be able to call out for help, borrow a bit of gear, or more likely just ask for advice is the reason why long lived associations are so important and definitely needed. In an age where Google or YouTube are the default to show how something works, it is comforting to be able to reach out to colleagues for help. Possibly even more satisfying is being able to help someone who needs a hand or is looking for that small nugget of knowledge that I may have tucked away, ready to share.

To see more of Craig’s work, visit his webpage here or follow her facebook page here.