The Brief: “My Queensland”

Queensland is a State like no other: From harsh deserts to impenetrable rainforest; from crystal clear coral seas to soaring skyscrapers; from urban chic to country character. It’s a world of photographic opportunity at our door.

The PPAQ challenges you to show us something that truly represents our diversity. We’re less interested in seeing the Story Bridge at sunset, and more interested in seeing the way humans interact with the land or sea. Less your family pet, and more the struggles of nature to come to terms with our extreme climate. Less, your backyard, and more the way Queensland is seen by the rest of Australia and the world.

In fact, surprise us. It’s home to all of us, but what does it mean to you?

Q. What are the Terms and Conditions of entering the PPAQ Photography Awards?

A. The Terms and Conditions for the competition are important to read and understand before you enter. They provide background to the process of entering images, judging and prizes and other important information.

Q. Who can enter the PPAQ Photography Awards?

A. The PPAQ Photography Awards are open to all Australian residents currently residing in Queensland with the exception of current members of the PPAQ.

Q. How many times can I enter?

A. As many times as you like.

Q. How much does it cost to enter?

A. Open Category: $25AUD per image / Student Catergory: $10AUD per image. 

Q. What is the prize if I win one of the categories?

A. Open Category: $1000 + $500 print voucher . Open runner-up: Canon Printer. Student Category: Canon Camera + Lens. Student runner-up: Canon Printer.

Q. Who is eligible to enter the Student category?

A. The Student category is open to students under the age of 17 who are living and residing in Queensland. Your parent/s or guardian/s will need to enter on your behalf to ensure that they consent to you participating in the program and uploading any photographs. The parent or guardian will also need to accept the prize on your behalf.

Q. I am a professional photographer – can I enter?

A. Yes, professional photographers can enter. The competition is for creatives of all skill levels from amateur, emerging to experienced. The focus of the competition is one of community, integrity and unique perspective within Queensland.

Q. When is the entry period?

A. Entries open Thursday 15 November 2018 and close at 12pm Sunday, 31 March 2019.

Q. How do I upload a photo?

A. Use our Entry Contact Form here. You will be sent instructions with your invoice for the entry fee. Please ensure you follow the guidelines in Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions.

Q. Can I submit my photo via any social media platform?

A. No. 

Q. When uploading an image via the website, is a description mandatory?

A. Yes. You must provide a title and a brief artist statement sentence of up to 30 words, this is used to educate the audience about your image. As a guideline you could include when, where and why you took the photo and what you want the audience to know about the image and why you find the work interesting.

Q. Can I upload photos in portrait or landscape orientation?

A. Photos in either portrait or landscape orientation may be uploaded, please ensure your photo is oriented in the format which it is to be viewed for judging.

Q. What format does my image need to be?

A. Entries will only be accepted in JPEG format. Entrants may submit colour or black and white images. 

Q. What file size does my image need to be?

A. 2500px on the longest side & must not exceed 4mb. Finalists will be asked to provide a high resolution image for the PPAQ to have printed and displayed at the Awards Print Exhibit in 2019.

Q. Once I’ve entered a photo, can I change it?

A. No. Once you have submitted your image and photo information, it is final and cannot be changed. 

Q. Can I edit my photo and information after submitting?

A. No. Once you have submitted your image and photo information, it is final and cannot be changed.

Q. When I upload my image do I have to relinquish my copyright?

A. No. The copyright of all images submitted in these Awards will remain the property of the photographer. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the photographer allows the PPAQ the use of your image as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Q. What if someone sees my image online and wants to buy it?

A. The PPAQ will endeavour to refer all sale enquiries to the entrant.